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 Interior Design Foundation Course

Become the interior designer you want to be, 

learning all the fundamentals of interior design, styling and sourcing 

on this course which is the perfect launch pad for my 

Professional Interior Design Course 

Study at home, in your own time and at your own pace 

This isn't just about teaching Interior Design ... 

Joanie encourages you to explore and develop your own natural flair and creativity. 

Join a thriving global community of students from around the world - it doesn't matter what 

your time zone, this course is designed for everyone. 

'Brilliant sums it up - the course has built my confidence and given me the 

knowledge to take my interiors to the next level' 







This is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of residential interiors. You don't need any art and design experience, but if you do wonderful ... what you need in abundance is a passion and desire to make this world yours.


A tried and tested vocational course taught by a designer with extensive industry experience - Joanie knows what you need to get to where you want to be and she will support you on your journey there. 

'I really loved everything we learned and I can't wait to start to working in the industry' 


- An accessible and enjoyable course offering a fast track route into the 

world of interiors - 

- Inspiring and passionate teaching to provide a launchpad for your future - 

Joanie's Online Hour

- join me with your questions or challenges or a chat every Wednesday - 

- Book a one-to-one with me at any point along the way - 

- Be part of a vibrant creative community embracing our wonderful interiors life - 


Broad-ranging, thoughtful and stimulating programme of study 

offering a window into the wonderful world of interior design with 

innovative and varied methods of learning 

Colour, Texture and Styling 

Theory and psychology of colour 

Use and application of textiles, trimmings, floor and wall coverings 


Window treatments 

Accessories, art and antiques 


Evolution of Style 

Key interior styles from 1600s to the present day 

Introduction and analysis of work of influential interior designers 



Decorative Schemes 

Creating decorative schemes using pattern, plains, variety of finishes 

Sourcing furniture and accessories 

Design Process 

Understanding design briefs, research and concepts 

Design analysis and development 

Implementation and evaluation of an interior design scheme 


Introduction to Technical 

Core principles of design 

Introduction to lighting design 

Outline building construction 

Principles of kitchen and bathroom design



Analysis of plans, elevations, sections 

Furniture layouts 

Lighting Plans 

Concept, presentation and sample boards 


Professional Practice 

Specifying, ordering, estimating and invoicing 


Project management 

Overview of planning permission 

Contracts and insurance requirements 

Portfolio presentation 

British Institute of Interior Design 



And finally ... 

Completing this course will enable you to become an interior designer by developing the 

skills to create, present and deliver your own design projects. 

Designed around 7 modules with associated practical assignments, you will develop the techniques and understanding of the industry that you need to succeed as an interior designer. 

As a home study student you will have full access to course material created by an industry expert including: instructional videos, written content and assignments. 

Joanie provides all the support, knowledge and in-depth feedback you need to 

progress through your course 

This course can be completed in approximately 6 months 

Course Fee 



or 3 staged payments of £330 

Completion of this course offers access to

Joanie's Professional Interior Design Course for a

reduced fee of £1750


2021 Joanie Mac Interior Design

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