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Joanie Mac

Incredibly it's thirty years since I started my interior design journey - where does the time go?!  As part of a graduate intake programme with a major national retailer I soon realised that prescriptive design and colour palettes weren't my thing as I developed my own approach to style.  

Having run away to the world of showbusiness for a decade from film to the West End, Broadway,

Edinburgh Fringe and even the small screen, my love of creating spaces and expressing myself within them couldn't be resisted. UCLA beckoned and I embraced my interiors passion with renewed determination.


I've designed interiors in a wide range of environments from beach houses in Los Angeles to 1930s fabulousness in Leeds, Spanish hideaways to exclusive Fendi-inspired Canary Wharf apartments. From staging properties to sell to developing luxury serviced apartments and always having my own projects on the go - from general renovations to virtually complete demolition and rebuilds - I love all things interior design.

Sharing my knowledge and expertise to help you create your own stylish home, to embrace everyone's passion for interiors whether looking to launch yourself as an Interior Designer, explore colour, texture, lighting, layering and all or to create Instagram-able style in your own home, there is a place for everyone at my table.

Our homes are a reflection of us and I love to share my spaces with others and talk all things 'interior'.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Stylist Table and Plants
Stylist Modern Study
Stylist Book Case
Stylist Hanger
Stylist Bright Living Room


Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 08.00.20.png

Beyond excited to be putting together all the plans for an amazing French Interiors Retrest ... check back soon wh

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