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 Interior Design Fundamentals



This is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of residential interiors. You don't need any art and design experience, but if you do wonderful ... what you need in abundance is a passion and desire to make this world yours.


A tried and tested vocational course taught by a designer with extensive industry experience - Joanie knows what you need to get to where you want to be and she will support you on your journey there. 

'I really loved everything we learned and I can't wait to start on my own projects!' 


  Broad-ranging, thoughtful and stimulating programme of study 

offering a window into the wonderful world of interior design with 

innovative and varied methods of learning  

The Colour of Our Lives 


Colour theory and how to use colour with confidence

  Let's bring objectivity and process to the creative task with a framework 

 to pull together colour, textures, pattern and styles that will work together  

Pattern and Textures 


  All the elements that go into making your spaces sing    



Design Styles 


Let's explore all the key design styles to help you determine what you love 

Colour and Mood Boards 

  Time to get creative and explore all the amazing resources out there   

  as well as exploring the joys of Instagram and Pinterest

 And let's think about layouts, budgets and product lists   


Light It Up 


  This is all about designing effectively with light - creating magic by using it in

  fresh and innovative ways even whilst it performs its basic functions  b


  Your Life Styled   

  Our homes should be infused with the people who live in them so let's  

  create some styling magic   

  Tricks of the Trade  

  And then there's even more ....

Layering, creating contrast, common threads, embracing the dark side, doing things wrong

  there's always more to talk about   



   the results are in ...   


   Completing this course will enable you to become your own best interior designer by developing the   

   skills to create, present and deliver your own design projects   



       Course Fee £247   


     full access to course material including

  instructional videos   

    written content   

fabulous resources &  

project work to develop your talents  

  And if you want to take your interior journey further ... 

   this course  is the perfect launch pad for my  


  Become the interior designer you want to be,  

   learning all the fundamentals of interior design, styling and sourcing  

   on this course   

   Join in at home, in your own time and at your own pace   

   This isn't just about teaching Interior Design ...   

  Joanie encourages you to explore and develop your own natural flair and creativity.   

  'Brilliant sums it up!  

   The course has built my confidence  

  and given me the  

  knowledge to take my interiors

   to the next level' 





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