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Spend a fun and engaging day with me learning the

principles of styling to create

magazine-worthy rooms in your own home.

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Interior styling and design

These dynamic and creative workshops offer a place to share my interior design knowledge, decorating tips and some of the best tricks of the trade to enable  you to create your own dream place.

Starting out on your first project, reinforcing a basic knowledge of interior design or creating a professional finish to a specific

design project - come and join us.

Bookcase styling in living room

 Interior Styling Masterclasses 

  Spend a fun and engaging day learning the principles of styling to   create magazine-worthy rooms in your own home  



  •   Learn the foundations of interior styling using a host of   props to create vignettes on a shelf, table or mantelpiece  

  •       Learn about layering, lying and leaning and 
        the magic power of triangles although always remember 
     rules are made to be broken 

      Get together with a group of friends or 
     come and meet somlike-minded new ones and 
      enjoy a lovely lunch and all 
    refreshments as you 
    become your own interior stylist  

 'I really loved everything we learned and 

 I can't wait to start on my own projects!' 


   This isn't just about teaching Interior Design ...   

  Joanie encourages you to explore and develop your own natural flair and creativity.   

  'Brilliant sums it up!  

   The day has built my confidence  

  and given me the  

  knowledge to take my interiors

   to the next level' 





 Interior Design Masterclasses 

Design is not just about making somewhere look pretty ... it is a thoughtful and intelligent process that

considers lighting, texture, colour, function and the flow from room to room.

We will explore all these elements as you learn how to design a space that works for you.

    The course will include:  

An introduction to the design process

Colour theory and how to use colour with confidence

Understanding your style profile

Principles of effective lighting design

Discuss your own design dilemmas

Styling your space to create instagram-able decor

Leave with a head full of ideas and a handful of notes. 

Feel inspired and impatient to get home

and put some of your new skills to work!

End the day over a glass of champagne with a head full of ideas

feeling inspired and eager to put your new skills to work!

Refreshments, lunch and materials included


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